Saturday, April 21, 2012

Mission Road

Our last full day in San Antonio, we drove the old mission road.

We started at the southernmost Mission Espada 

Each mission had these great little diagrams so you could picture the full site 

Gia pacing herself 

Elle pointing out the "ladybugs" (all insects, ants, spiders, bees, flys, etc. are ladybugs) 

You could still see all the old foundations and a few walls here and there.

Family picture

The current church at the Espada mission (the original is down to the foundation) 

We actually got the girls to stand still for a second

Kim getting her holy water 

This was one of the smaller missions 

After passing by the Mission San Juan (under construction) we stopped at Mission San Jos√©.  This mission has the visitor center for the entire San Antonio Missions National Historical Park

This mission was much bigger than all the others. 

The Church 

The Convento

to be continued... 
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Oergel said...

A perfect post for a Sunday! I feel like I've been to church. It was a fantastic trip - Texas is truly a great destination! Thanks for letting me tag along!

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