Monday, September 5, 2011

Bath Time, Bath Time!

Elle was excited to help give Baylor a bath.  Here she is testing out the water temp.

Momma wanted to use baby soap, Elle was more inclined to go with the banana and orange scrub

Elle even provided Baylor with some bath toys.  A rubber ducky and dinosaur

Enjoying a few minutes wrapped in his new bath towel...

Aahhh, fresh and clean

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Sunday, September 4, 2011

1 month!!

Seriously, 1 month already!?!@#

Grami picked up some Baylor t-shirts for Baylor!

Baylor is growing like a weed and starting to become more aware of his surroundings. 

He is awake a lot more and can go from zero to scream with no warning but is a very content baby most of the time.  We are still working on getting day and night figured out.  We think because he was born at midnight, he is half vampire.  Luckily, no fangs.

Baylor showing off his reach.  He is already able to reach both ends of his Moses basket.

Of course we can't forget his big sister.  Elle is still very loving and full of kisses for her baby brother.

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Saturday, September 3, 2011

Helper continues inside the house...

When I went to check on Baylor while we were cooking dinner and this is what I found.

 Elle had launched two soothes into Baylor's bed as well as a tiny little pillow...

Baylor looks a bit scared but Elle was very confident she could hold him in her little chair.

Elle giving some kisses to Baylor.

Baylor tapped out at this point...

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Friday, September 2, 2011

Me and my shadow

Elle has became Daddy's little helper and loves to work in the yard.  Colby gave Elle the hose for watering the plants and grass.  I think my Mother's intuition kicked in and I sensed this was going to end badly for one of them... Can you guess who? :)

Hi Momma, I water.

Figuring out the distance she can actually spray.

Oh, and I can make the water go up...

Here Daddy, Daddy, Daddy.

Battle of the hose 2011...

Did you guess correctly how this was going to end badly for?  I was laughing hysterically as I was secretly praying Elle would figure out she could spray him.

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Thursday, September 1, 2011

Tisk otay I take him

Whenever Baylor starts to cry Elle will come over to you and say "Tisk otay, I take him."  She gets a very serious look on her face and puts out her hands.  It really is a hoot!

Baylor and Momma getting some snuggle time in.

Now Otay, you can take him!

Elle enjoys cuddle time with Baylor a lot!

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