Monday, November 28, 2011

Go Eags!

The other reason Nick and Deidra came over was for Nick and I to go to the Eastern/UW football game to start the season

The UW marching band honoring Eastern before the game

We got the seats from Kim's boss Tim.  The weather was perfect, sunny and 80 degrees.  This is the view out over lake Washington from our seats. 

At halftime, we decided it was too warm in the sun and we needed to go sit with "our people" in the visitor's section.  So many other people had the same idea, it became a sea of red in our corner.

The view back to our "hot" seats

These are the numbers that I prefer to remember from the game and not the final score.  It was a great game but our guys came up just a bit short with an interception in the end zone on the final play that would have won it.  Thank you Kim for my birthday present of the tickets!
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Oergel said...

Football in 80 degree weather just seems right! Looks like a great time.

Sydnie said...

So glad you were able to go!