Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Finleigh's 1st Birthday

The following day we headed north to Finleigh's first birthday party!  It was a book theme and we were given a book plate to fill out and put into a book we loved for exchange.  At the end of the party the books were handed out and each child got to open it along with a super duper cute book mark from Finleigh's Momma.

Elle bouncing around on a Rody. 

Elle mingling with Colby's coworker Dan and his wife Jess.

Circling up for cake time!

Getting ready to sing.

Elle loved the cake and enjoyed playing with new friends.  Finleigh had on a big sister shirt and we are very excited to meet the new little one in October.  Which means our little one will have a playmate close in age!


Oergel said...

Elle looks like she loves the Rody! Great party photo's.

Ken and Sydnie said...

Elle is so cute in her yellow "go to a party" outfit!