Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Over the ocean and thru the woods to Port Townsend we go

It was a rough day at sea for our little ferry. We watched the car in the upper deck sway back and forth as the owner didn't remember to set his parking brake.  It was a bit distrubing to say the least!  I tried to convince Colby to go up there and set it for them but he didn't think it was a good idea as I probably wouldn't have been able to bail him out until Monday since it was a holiday weekend...

Elle utilized this down time for a little snack. I think her leg was up trying to balance herself as the ferry was really rocking about.

All better!

A rainbow greeted us at Kingston!

We had two detours between Kingston and Port Townsend both were due to trees down over the road. One of the detours was onto the road "Egg and I". I wanted to stop and meet someone who lived on it in hopes they would invite me to stay there someday. 

This sign was about halfway down the Egg and I road, perfect for an Easter weekend! 

Seriously could there be any cuter of a sign!  I want to live on this road!!
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Oergel said...

Fun! Love the farmers hat.