Tuesday, October 6, 2009

100th day

Since I was little I have always been obsessed with birthdays. One of my earliest memories was when we were living at the Farm house. Mom let me call Aunt Pat and Uncle John and invite them over for dinner. I remember telling Aunt Pat it was my birthday and I wanted them to come over. Aunt Pat knew full well it wasn't my birthday but when they showed up she had wrapped up two books for me! It was so sweet of her to let me pretend it was my birthday with presents even! I have always believed in the week'o birthday and still do!
Lana my good friend is Korean and in her culture the 100th day after a child is born is a very important day. You can read more about it here. Today Lana brought Elle an Asian Pear, an adorable fleece outfit, and marinated Korean Beef to celebrate. We will make the Korean beef this weekend when Colby is home and I seriously can't wait, it smells amazing! I decided I wanted to throw Elle her own 100th day celebration. It is crazy to me that it actually has been 100 days since she was born. I bought Elle the book "Awake to Nap" by Nikki McClure. Who happens to be from Olympia!

Showing off her new Bumbo and Japanese lantern dress from Gia. I know Japanese but I did ran the dress by Lana and she approved!

Preparing for our celebration

"Do I look 100 days old?"

Part of the tradition is to set varies items out in front of the baby and see what she reaches for. This is suppose to foretell her own future. I set out a plate for health, Sophie the giraffe for veterinarian, computer cables for IT (like Daddy), ribbon for long life, a pen for scholar, camera charger for photographer, fabric for seamstress, and a cookbook for chef.

Elle studied and stared for a while but eventually grabbed the ribbon and then the cable and then the giraffe. So Elleanor should live a long prosperous life as a IT vet!

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Trax at home said...

What a cute post. Elle is so darn cute.

lana and drew said...

I LOVE IT. Happy Baek Il Elle. Your Eemo (auntie) Lana is very proud of you and wish you all the best.

Ken and Sydnie said...

She is sitting up so well in her Bumbo! Happy 100 days - and here's to 100 times 100 more! (don't do the math - just read "long life")

Tracy said...

Happy 100th Day Elle! I love this tradition. She is so cute!!!

Oergel said...

Elle is the seventh Grandchild of a sixth Grandchild of a fifth Grandchild... I could go on and on. Actually I can't go much further than my Great Great Grandmother Augusta. Many more happy days to Elle and her parents!

Amy said...

Happy 100th Miss Elle. We love you!

Tracie said...

What an awesome tradition and post! Nice work! Happy 100 days Elle!

Tania said...

She is adorable. I know I say that everytime but it is sooo true. I love the close up in her chair..too cute. Paytyn also had that dress, it's very sweet.