Sunday, July 12, 2009

M.V. Cribs

Welcome to the latest addition of M.V. Cribs.

My name is Elleanor, come on in and check out my pad...

I spend a lot of time on my sheepskin in the living room.
Kickin' it in my lamb swing.

Here is the first of my three cribs. I like this one as I can see all that is happening in the house.

My peeps bring my moses basket every where I go.

My Daddy and I like to kick it in our chair watching the M's play.

Here is my back yard where all my cousins like to hang out when they are over. Yo, Marcus you're going the wrong way... Kids :)
All of my rides. Ha, I have so many I haven't even had time to try them all out. Guess that is just how I roll.

They always want a fridge shot so here you go! Sorry the champagne isn't Kristal, but the baby food is Gerber.

Crib #2. I like to chill and relax in the evenings in this room. I have 24hr room service from here.

My whale bath. I am not a diva like Mariah... So, no shots of me in the tub that was so 2008.

Just a few of my favorite toys. You can never have too many!

And this is where the magic happens! Here is my little slice of heaven. When I need to get away from it all this is where I head.

This part of the room is where I rock out.

Where some of my clothes are kept. The rest are in the closet my Daddy designed for me.

Crib #3. I have yet to sleep in here but I plan to in the next few months. Where does the time go?

Ah, Mom... This is where we hang at night usually at 2am as I am a bit of a night owl I guess.

Okay, well that is my crib. You need to get going as I need my beauty sleep!


Oergel said...

I think you guys have the makings of Elle's first photo book with this blog - it is so darn funny! Love it! Thanks for the updates - we are looking forward to many more.

Sydnie said...

This is definitely "bound book" material. It will be a best seller when she is famous! She looks so content in all her surroundings.

Holly said...

Okay...need these pictures and I am going to copy it for the scrapbook. I couldn't have come up with this and it is too priceless!

Tania said...

This is the cutest thing I have ever seen. I love the room! And that last photo is amazing.

Trax at home said...

This post is way too cute. Love her room and Elle is so precious.

Tracie said...

Great Post! Can't wait to see more! She is the sweetest baby. I just LOVE her!

lana and drew said...

I LOVE this post. So funny! Oh Elle, you have a nice life. Nice fridge shot... where's the evian? ha ha. Thanks for the update!